9. Nov 2019
15,15 Oratrix magna 2008-2012,2011-2012,2012-20092006-1998.
Different good bloodlines. Also Tresmariae 2005.
Magna pairs: 2015-2017,2017-2018,2019 dark green-2018, 1-0 magna 2018 and 1-0 magna dark green 2019. Later fallow and split fallow.

1,1 Cape parrot robustus suahelicus 2009.

5,5 breeding pairs Ringneck, only together:
Buttercup chf with opaline,split opaline split chf,opaline split chf,split chf split cinnamon.
Buttercup violet/cin. 2016-violet opaline 2015,buttercup violet pastel/cin 2016-violet opaline 2015, Buttercup violet 2017-bleu opaline/buttercup 2017,turquoise kobalt split opaline split buttercup 2012-violet buttercup 2017,violet split buttercup 2016-violet buttercup 2017.

2-0 turquoise bleu (kobalt?) split opaline split buttercup.
0-1 cinnamon violet split buttercup, 0-1 cinnamon bleu split buttercup.
2-0 violet split opaline split buttercup.
When I have sold the 5,5 breeding pairs.