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31. Dec 2020
Breeding business on the mediterranean east coast. 150+ birds, mainly macaws but the facilities could house other species. Most are already producing babies (demonstrable recorded production of recent years) + another group reaching maturity shortly. Breeding stock is sanitary controlled by a parrot specialist veterinarian from the beginning.
4000 square meters facilities built integrated into a completely fenced farm. 6+ hectares incl. a wooded area and centenary olive trees. Built following the best quality standards of parrot breeding centers all over the world. Incl. power, water supply, intelligent video surveillance, water purification system, sprinkler systems, automatic drinking devices, large flights, socialization aviaries, nursery, fully equipped large warehouse, 2-bedroom furnished house. Very profitable farm but lots of free space available to increase number of aviaries. Location provides a unique climate for breeding + very long season. All the required administrative permits to breed, sell or export legally (Núcleo zoológico, breeder number, etc.) Birds are not sold without the property (that could be sold or rented).