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  • 16. Jun 2019
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1,1 Purple-bellied lory, Lorius hypoinochrous. Recently put together – both Danish breed. Female had eggs when she was alone. Male from 2009, female 2014
1,0 Purple-bellied lory, Lorius hypoinochrous. Breeding male from Loro Park. 2011

0,1 Purple-naped lory, Lorius domicellus. Own breed from 2013. Have breed one time and had eggs two times (unfertile)

1,1 Black-capped lory, Lorius L. lory. Elder breeding pair, approx. 15 years old.

1,0 Ornate lory, Trichoglossus ornatus, 2017 from Netherland

1,1 Red-breastet lory, Lorius L. erythrothorax. Breeding pair, they have eggs now.

0,1 Yellow-streaked lory, Chalcopsitta sintillata. VERY good color, miss one nail on both feet. 2010.

1,1 Red lory, Eos bornea. Very beautiful. 2012.

Possible swap for example: Halmahera eclectus, Plum-headed parakeet in lutino, Malabar parakeet, Emerald-collared parakeet, long-tailed parakeet, 0,1 Amazona Dufresniana Dufresniana, 0,1Grey parrot - adult or ????