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Petr Strecha
Czech Republic
1. Dec 2017
0,2 Amazona xantholora 2017, natural breeding, related.
30. Nov 2017
2-0 grey parrot
Natural breed
Sex document available
Cites documents available
Juni 2017
Big Nice birds.
€500,- each
€925,- for two birds.
30. Nov 2017
1.1 Gelbflügelblaustirn NZ 16/17, 1.0 NZ 10.
1.1 Tucumamazonen NZ 15/16 und 1.1 NZ 17.
1.0 Ekuadoramazone NZ 16.
1.1 ZP Blaustirnamazone 13 Jahre alt.
0.1 ZH Venezuelaamazone.
0.1 ZH Salvinsamazone NZ 10.
1.1 Ara-Primolius couloni NZ 16/17 und 0.1 17.
1.0 Ara militaris NZ 09.
0.2 Rosenbrustbartsittich fasciata NZ 17.
Fotos per WhatsApp.
30. Nov 2017
1-1 Amazone Pretrei 2017 handraised pbfdv+pdd : negative blood samples taken by vet
Czech Republic
30. Nov 2017
Calyptorhynchus banksii (Black RTB) female (0,1) 2016 - 2017.
30. Nov 2017
I am looking for:
1.0 Rhyticeros cassidix
0.1 Buceros bicornis
Age does not matter and flaws is okey.
30. Nov 2017
Poicephalus rufiventris 1 male, 2 females ringed 2017
29. Nov 2017
Nog enkele koppels Tirica's (brotegeris) te koop.
Grote forse TT waardige vogels met dna van 2017.
Gouden medaille Mondial Almeria 2017.
A few more pairs of Tirica's (brotegeris) for sale.
Big strong TT worthy birds with dna of 2017.
Gold medal Mondial Almeria 2017.
Hei Prosser
29. Nov 2017
Suche 0,2 Königsittiche gelb, im Tausch gegen 2,0 gelb, von 2017.
29. Nov 2017
2 MALES AMAZONA ORATRIX MAGNA/2016 - 1000€ pièce. Cités OK
1.1 DUFRESNIANA DUFRESNIANA/2009-2011 - 2500€ le couple.
Perfect conditions.
29. Nov 2017
Seeking Anodorhynchus hyacinthinus pair breeding age. Must be good health. Give good price.
28. Nov 2017
I am looking for 2 x 1,0 Ara rubrogenys, from up, about 3 years old.
Ich suche 2x Rotohrara 1,0 ab 3 Jahre alt.
28. Nov 2017
Pionites XANTHURUS 1,1
28. Nov 2017
Agapornis lilianae in verschiedenen Mutationen wegen Zuchtumstellung sehr günstig abzugeben. Jedes Paar nur 100 Euro! Zuchtpaare und Jungvögel 2016/2017.
(Alle Vögel geschlossen beringt und mit DNA-Zertifikat).
Lutino, grün/lutino,
pastelino grün, pastelino grün/blau,
pastell grün, pastell grün/blau,
blau, D blau, DD blau, grün/blau,
dominant gescheckt blau,
dominant gescheckt D blau
dominant gescheckt gesäumt D blau,
dominant gescheckt gesäumt DD blau,
pastell blau, pastell D blau,
pastell DD blau,
pastelino blau,
dominant gescheckt grün,
Bei Interesse, Liste anfordern. Keine Reservierung. Möglichst Selbstabholung.
5 Paare Agapornis nigrigenis (2017)
EF violett D blau, Stück 80 Euro.
3 Männchen Pfrimers Weißohrsittich (Pyrrhura pfrimeri - 2016).
Alle Vögel geschlossen beringt und mit DNA-Zertifikat.
Wohne in Süddeutschland direkt an der A 5 bei Heidelberg.
Agapornis lilianae in different mutations because reduction of my stock very priceless for sale. Every pair only 100 Euro! Breeding pairs and young 2016/2017.
(all birds closed ringed with dns-certificate):
blue, D blue, DD blue, green/blue,
dom. pied blue, dom. pied D blue,
pastel blue, pastel D blue, pastel DD blue,
dom. pied edged D blue,
dom. pied edged DD blue,
pastelino blue,
pastelino green, pastelino green/blue,
lutino, green/lutino,
pastel green, pastel green/blue,
dom. pied green,
If you're interesed, I will send you a list, write an email to:
No reservation.
5 pairs Agapornis nigrigenis (2017)
SF violet D blue, 80 Euro/piece.
3 males Pyrrhura pfrimeri (2016).
(all birds closed ringed with dns-certificate).
I'm living in the south of Germany at Autobahn A5 nearly Heidelberg/Hockenheimring. Birds could also bring perhaps to railway stations (Köln, Düsseldorf, Kassel, Ulm, Freiburg, Kassel or perhaps to other main stations).
28. Nov 2017
Willing to buy major mitchel couple, 2013 or older. Good health condition and all documents are neccessary.
Chris F.
27. Nov 2017
1.1.1 Pyrrhura perlata.
Breeding pair from 2013/2015 + offspring from 2017.
All closed ringed.
Male is CB from Birds International Inc., Manila.
27. Nov 2017
0.2 blue mutation Eclectus 2017.
0.2 split blue mutation Eclectus 2017.
0.1 lutino Galah 2016.
Czech Republic
27. Nov 2017
1,1 Ceratogymna atrata 8 Jahre, 100% birds, 7000eur Paar.
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