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Walter Sonzogni
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22. Aug 2022
1.0 adult lutine galah.
1.0 adult macaw chloroptera or militarys (i can evaluate also other species and hybrids).
2.0 Amazona Ochrocephala Panamensis 2018/19/20.
Pair of young Galah and Cacatua S. Lesser raised by parents (no tamed).

I evaluate adult/sub-adult couples of macaw any species, even hybrids.
22. Aug 2022
1.0 Amazona guatemala (adult)
1.0 Cacatua s. lesser (adult)
1.1 Cacatua alba (adult)
1.1 Cacatua eleonora (adult)
1.0 Ara glaucogularis 2021
1.1 Ara maracana (adult)
1.0 Ara ararauna 2006
0.1 Amazona oratrix 2021
0.1 Amazona auropalliata 2021
1.1 Pionus menstruus (adult)

Delivery possible in September in the Netherlands, at the fair.
20. Feb 2020
1.0 Mmazona autumnalis mexicana 2019
1.0 Cacatua leadbeateri 2019 xl
0.1 Pionus chalcopterus adult
1.0 Eulophus roseicapilla
28. Oct 2019
I'm interested to buy an adult male 1,0 Military macaw (Ara militaris) and for a friend an adult female 0,1 Scarlet macaw (Ara macao).
3. May 2019
I'm looking for baby parrots or hand raised parrots. Better if in large quantities. Contact me if you have any available.
2. Feb 2019
Psittacus erithacus 2018 hand raised, pezzato of red (as in the pictures) it is not red solfusion, it has already done two changes of feathers (perfect clinical examinations) possibility of agreeing on transport