Ned M.
United Kingdom
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2. Mar 2020
1,1 Oratrix 10 & 8 years, DNA, Cites, closed rung, top quality. Can send anywhere in EU or overseas. One is Leo Rongen bloodline, very well bonded, had youngsters last year 2500€
27. Nov 2019
2,0 Amazon parrots Yellow winged bluefronts 7 months, closed rung, laminated dna documents. Very hard to get in the UK. Stunning colouration, top quality. Dutch bloodlines, one of the best breeders in the world £1000/each incl. delivery to EU from UK. Siblings had more colour: sold for 7000€/pair.
6. Oct 2019
1,1 Blue-headed macaw bred by WeltVogelpark Walsrode GmbH. The best bird park in the world
2017 hen rung with cites and dna documented.
2018 cock rung with cites and dna documented.
Lively, really the best quality bred in the world, they will breed, as they are well bonded and in perfect condition.
Please, contact me for more information as any buyer shall be delighted these birds do not scream or screech at all they are really amazing really silent and very happy macaws.
A decent large cage is included also, offers accepted.please contact me.