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Willem v. Ommen
Dear bird lovers,

We are a professional taxidermy business based in the south of the Netherlands. We are looking for departed birds. We are mainly looking for rare parrots, macaws, cockatoos, toucans, hornbills, but also small exotic birds such as tanagers, bee eaters, barbets, cotinga's. And even ibissen and flamingo's.
So don't hesitate to contact us.
Please note that CITES species should have the correct paperwork.

Thanks and regards,

Christel & Willem v. Ommen-Verdaasdonk

The Breathless Zoo
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30. Aug 2021
We are a professional taxidermy company from the Netherlands, and we are looking for dead birds. We prefer them alive, but sadly they everything dies and it's a wast to put a beautiful bird with the trash.
We are looking for:
Cockatoos, macaws, rare parrot and lori species. But also other birds such as hornbills, toucans, tanagers, flamingo's etc. If you have anything to offer please send us a message via email of WhatsApp. 0031624346589

Thanks and regards, Willem and Christel "The Breathless Zoo"
21. Aug 2021
We are a professional taxidermy company from the Netherlands and we are searching for departed birds. We are willing to travel for the right birds.

With cites species we will need the cites papers with it.
25. Nov 2020
Departed birds, mainly in the Netherlands, Belgium & West Germany. But willing to travel further if it's worth it. Can also meet at Zwolle bird fair.
Cites species papers should be put on BOD.
This ad is free because we support the Mabula Ground Hornbill Project in South Africa: