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Jewels of Paradise
Breeders and specialists of rare species, hybrids and mutation.
Ads from Jewels of Paradise
14. Sep 2021
We have available for sale:

- 2 couples of African Grey - 2000€ per couple
- 1 couple of African Grey Red Factor - 4000€

Located: Portugal

9. Sep 2021
We have available for sale the following ringnecks:

- Female diluted violet turquoise - 800€
- Female dominant turquoise pied - 1000€
- Male opaline blue - 1000€

Located: Lisbon, Portugal
16. Aug 2021
We are very interested and are looking to buy birds showing mutations like:
Yellow Opaline Macaw
Blue Opaline Macaw
Lutine Macaw

We are looking for birds of every age and in good health.

13. Aug 2021
Available 0.1 (female)
Plum-headed parakeet (Psittacula cyanocephala)
Motation - Opaline

Located: Lisbon, Portugal
Price: 500€